knifeedgegatevalve Our company Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of  Knife Edge Gate Valve. Our Product is one of the Best designs among other Industrial Valves.We feel proud  to introduce our self as an ISO-9001-2008-certified based Company in India. We are a leading supplier,manufacturer and exporter in Gujarat. Knife Edge Gate Valve is used to make minimum contact between the parts of the valve. It Reduces the Wear & Tear. Valves features are the high performance, Non Sliding Motion, Avoid Sliding Contact between Body & Gate, reduces loss in valve. (Knife-Edge) Valve s allows flushing of media form the valve interior. Block edge of the Gate (Knife-Edge) allows the tight shut off still when solid particles settle at the bottom of the Body.

Our company also produce Industrial Valves, Strainers,Sight Flow Indicators,Level Gauges and Rotary Air Lock Feeder.We use  updated technology and new machine for developed our products and we give you finest quality of our product. Industrial Valves  used in different industries like  Gas, Water, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Petro-chemicals and other industries

The detail about our product is given below:

Industrial Valve In Industrial Valveswe provide you wide range of valves that have different criteria in different industries.List of our Industrial Valves is  Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Knife Edge Gate Valves     Slide Gate Valves, Flush Bottom Valves, Slurry Valves, Flap Valves,Butterfly Valves
StrainersInStrainers we provide you wide range of  Strainers that have different criteria in different industries.List of our Strainers is     Industrial Strainers, Strainers For Pumps, Bag Filters,Strainer Elements,Strainer Manufacturing, Basket Strainers,Y- Strainers,Duplex Strainers,Suction Strainers.
Sight Flow IndicatorsOur company Provide different types of Sight Flow Indicators  like  sight Glass Valves, Sight Flow Indicators,Double Window Drip, Tube Full view
Level GaugesOur company providing different types of gauges that are Liquid Level Gauges,Level Indicators, Tube Type Level Gauges,Pad Type Level Gauges, Liquid Level Indicators.
Rotary  FeederWe provides facilities of Rotary Air Lock Feeder like  Rotary Feeder and Rotary Valves.