Basket Strainers

      Our company  made-up Basket Strainers are designed to meet thorough specifications for our customer’s application. We providing bigger than normal body housings, or perhaps multi basket patterns, fabricated Basket Strainers  present you with a greater choice of options. Basket Strainers  are used to obtain flow capacities or meet pressure drop requirements.

Basket Strainers

We produce Basket Strainers  which  are available in various types of cover options like from bolted, slip-hinged, knob, swing-away, quick opening which are  easy to maintain. These types of covers agree to for a single maintenance engineer to manage the cleaning of the unit which reducing maintenance cost and downtime.

         We arefabricated Basket Strainers can be used in a wide variety of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil, Dyes and Intermediates, Process Houses, Distilleries, Fertilizers, Refineries Industries

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